What’s Your Flavor … Fun with the Hubby

Q: What fun things do you and your spouse do together? (@katelynferguson)

And for good measure, I’m throwing in pics of us with our husbands in case you aren’t familiar with them.

Lori: Jud and I love date day. Now that our littlest is in all-day Kinder, Jud’s day off is our day together … just the two of us. We always eat breakfast after we drop the kids off and then we hit the movies, shop, walk around the bookstore, sit at a coffee shop, play tourist in Vegas, or just sit together in our quiet house. Best of all Jud makes me laugh, which oddly enough, is quite a task.

Brandi: For fun … honestly, sometimes just getting a mean out sans kids is enough fun to keep me happy! 🙂 We love double dates, playing cards, camping, sitting on the porch together, and hiking.

Jessica: We love to take trips together. Getting away from all the stress/ pressure really refreshes us.

We also love to put the kids down early, order in sushi, and rent a movie:)

Tiffany: We love to talk over coffee, watch movies, talk about our future. We also love to talk about ministry.

Lisa: My husband and I like to hang out , eat and just get away!

Donna: Tommy and I love lunch dates. Sometimes we enjoy sitting next to each other reading … a little proximity time. We also love to get away by ourselves, even if it is finding a place for the kids to be for the night and staying at home alone!

What do you do to have fun with your spouse?

15 thoughts on “What’s Your Flavor … Fun with the Hubby

  1. Angie

    My husband has Fridays off and the kids are in school so Fridays are “date days”. We love to go out to eat, go for a walk with the dogs on a nature trail, go fishing, walk around downtown, explore the next town over, hang out by the water or just simply hang out at home in the peace and quiet. Date days are the highlight of my week. We also love to go on vacations, play games/cards with other couples and on the rare occasion get a couples massage!

  2. Tricia Lovejoy

    Lori, next Fall my hubby and I will enjoy what you are enjoying….all the kids in full time school! Friday’s will be OUR day, and the best part is we’ll get a date day without paying for childcare. 🙂 Until then, we enjoy trying new restaurants (we made a rule we can’t go to the same place twice, which means we have to get very creative on our dates). We go hiking in the North Georgia mountains in the Fall and Spring. We try to claim Thursday nights as our time to catch up on all our TIVO’d shows. Those marathons are fun. And, we could spend hours sitting in a coffee shop talking about life, the kids, ministry, whatever.

  3. DisneyCyndi

    Marc and I now have Friday’s off. Whatever that may mean. Some days we have gone shopping (I’m actually married to a man who likes to shop more then me…and don’t even ask about who has more shoes). We also rent movies, read together, surf the net, go for a day trip, or have dinner out together. Some days we are taking care of things we can’t do the rest of the week. At this point we are just glad to hang out together just the two of us.

  4. Kim

    We’re big movie people…Jeremy literally has hundreds in his collection (I contributed maybe 10 when we got married haha) and we just got Netflix since going to the movies is just so expensive these days! We love having deep talks together, cooking together, playing with our dog, and trying to beat each other at games (we’re both super competitive, but it makes it pretty fun…we’re both really into the March Madness college basketball brackets right now!)

  5. Kim

    Glad to know I’m not the only one married to a guy who loves his shopping and shoes! If we had a walk-in closet, I definitely wouldn’t be the one using up the most space 😉

  6. DisneyCyndi

    Kim I have told him to just build me a small closet and he can have the walk in. For some strange reason he keeps inching more and more into my little small space in the closet!

  7. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Yea date day! You are one of the first people I know that had date day! Glad that we joined you in this fabulous weekly habit!

  8. Lori Wilhite Post author

    We are such creatures of habit. Maybe we should try the no going to the same place twice thing. That would be fun!

  9. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Movies are super expensive now. Remember when that used to be a super cheesy date … now it is a major treat!!

  10. Lori Wilhite Post author

    You two are funny. I can out-shop Jud with my eyes closed. In fact, I like being the family shopper. That way I can keep everyone in good shape! 🙂

  11. Stephanie Thomason

    Seems like our dates always end up at Lowes or Home Depot…sad huh? LOL! We love home projects and yard work.
    We also enjoy just going to Starbucks and chatting. We try to have a little date at least once a week. Now that the kids are older it’s a lot easier.

  12. Brandi Wilson

    oh stephanie, we’ve had many a date at lowes and home depot! glad i’m not the only one! a few years back when we were building a house we’d spend every friday night at zaxby’s and then hit lowes! 🙂

  13. Jessica Cornelius

    I would love to try different places! We go to the same 3 Mexican food places all the time. When we did the Daniel fast the waiters at our favorite place said that they were wondering where we had been!

  14. Kara Prater

    First off- Beautiful pictures of all you leading staff ladies! 🙂 Fun.

    We have our “informal” weekly date night on Th to catch up on some LOST! not sure where this leads us when the season is over! 🙁

    Our “formal” dates, well we have to work hard for! Between 3 girls under the age of 8, we shoot for at least twice a month. 1st date- going out….dinner & movie or dinner & coffee. 2nd date- special dessert and a movie at home or board games! We are both competitive so makes things fun for sure! 🙂
    Sometimes, its just the Fridays of him being off, a special lunch (even though we have our 4 yr old with us) or just running errands.

  15. Tiffany

    Dan and I love to hit up Barnes and Noble, grab a couple of comfy chairs and coffee and chat. Or read books and magazines. Or both. Or we will grab a yummy dinner. I just really enjoy being with him! Without the babies ;).

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