Marriage and Children.

NoahThis guy was born 15 years ago today. Sigh.

Chris and I had just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary when Noah Christopher Beall joined the scene. We were overly ecstatic about going from a couple to a family of three. He was God’s promise to us since we had waited for him for nearly four years.

Up until his arrival, we pretty much did as we pleased. We went to dinners and movies and could just decide on a whim that we were going to go see some friends any evening of the week. And if we wanted to get really crazy, we could stay until midnight OR EVEN LATER at said friend’s house because we had no children.

We loved becoming parents. LOVED it. But, it did have its own set of challenges when Chris would want me to do something for him RIGHT THEN because I used to be able to drop everything but now I couldn’t because our firstborn was crying due to an empty stomach. Or I would expect Chris to be at my beck and call and take me out to dinner because we could but he was making sure that he provided for our family and was wise with our finances since I no longer worked outside the home. 

I feel Chris and I have handled the wonderful addition of children well. We’ve loved them, cared for them and provided for them while still maintaining a healthy marriage. There were seasons where we had to work harder than ever. There were seasons where it was easy. Easy like Sunday morning easy.

(Lionel, Sunday mornings are not easy for ministry couples. Just sayin’.)

And the reason we worked hard at making sure we were “still a couple” while we have children in our home is because we know that these boys of ours will one day leave home and we will be a “just a couple” again. 

(I don’t know whether to shout like a cheerleader or cry a river of tears.)

Children are a gift from God. We are to cherish, train, pray for and love them. But we can’t forget about our marriages in the midst of all the crazy. Our children thrive when they see mom and dad healthy, strong and united. 

No matter where you are in your journey of raising children, I want to encourage you and challenge you to take an inventory of your marriage. Regardless of where you are, make a commitment to make your marriage the best it can be today.

Are you making sure that your marriage is healthy, strong and united? Or are you giving your blessed union your emotional and physical leftovers?

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