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Posted by Tiffany Cooper

Meetings. They happen every single day of the week all around the world. Some people cringe at the thought of a “meeting” and others get warm fuzzies thinking about gathering to deliberate and eat. After all, the greatest meetings have yummy food!

As a woman in ministry, I’m sure you’ve participated in your share of meetings or listened to your husband’s recap of his own. Not only do the greatest meetings have yummy food, they also have a clear purpose and a specific end goal. They make the organization better.

The JustONE Virtual Conference is like our all-inclusive “family” meeting. We meet together for 4 consecutive weeks to hear from women who share our same heartbeat for life and ministry. Are we encouraged? Yes! Are we challenged? Absolutely! Are we sometimes lovingly corrected? Thankfully, yes! Our purpose and goal is being “virtually” accomplished.

My favorite meeting happened this week, the Cooper Family meeting. The purpose was to review our families’ responsibilities and goals, which had lost consistency over the last month. We challenged our kids to refocus attention on how they are treating one another, to speak and act in love. We corrected behaviors that were displeasing. Most of all, we laughed! My heart felt like it could burst from the love I felt in that moment. Family meetings not only improve our function and focus as a family, they deepen our bond.

We can be guilty of having meetings for everything but our families. Today I encourage you to set aside time to have a family meeting. They don’t have to be long; our Tuesday meeting was only 20 minutes.

How to prepare for your family meeting:

  • Plan ahead & write it on the calendar. If you don’t, it probably won’t happen.
  • Prepare any materials that may help reinforce your discussion. I print out our responsibility chart so my kids can see it while we’re talking.
  • Have something yummy or special to enjoy while you’re meeting.
  • Set the tone. Let them know that your family meeting is important and valued in your home. Stay focused, be firm when necessary and speak in love with understanding.
  • End on an encouraging note.

Some topic suggestions: (You can alter these if you don’t have kids in the home or if you’re single)

  • Praise your kids for what they are doing well.
  • Challenge them. Correct them if needed. Discuss areas you would like to see improvement. Present a plan to accomplish your family’s goals. Revisit the plan throughout the year to keep everyone focused.
  • Ask your kids about what is happening in their lives, the positive and negative. Inquire about areas you can help them more. Let them know that you are their biggest supporters.
  • Ask them about their dreams. This will help you to know how to encourage and guide them. Encourage*Encourage*Encourage!
  • Don’t just talk it, walk it! It doesn’t matter how great your family plan is if you don’t live it yourself. Your words are just a dream if your actions don’t scream integrity. The goal is for your talk to reinforce what you already walk, that’s power.

Let’s converse! Did you grow up with family goals? Family plans? Do you have goals for your family? How do you communicate these goals to your kids? How do you keep the goals in focus in your life?

15 thoughts on “Family Meeting

  1. Mindy

    Love the idea of family meetings! Without them, I feel like I’m constantly lecturing. If the goals are stated clearly, then I just have to remind them gently of the discussion we had in our meeting instead of going on the lecture circuit:) (And they don’t get food during my lectures!) lol!

  2. Rochelle Palmer

    We have a family meeting every week. We review the calendar for the upcoming week so everyone knows where everyone needs to be and when… We select a memory verse for the week and put if on our bulletin board in the kitchen… we make a list of prayer requests and post them, too, and say a prayer. WE also incorporate Brandi’s idea from last year and draw a Christmas card we received and post it on the board and commit to praying for that family for the week. This has been amazing for our family- And as God would do, the first family we prayed for last year were non Christians from our girls’ school and they became Christians and now go to church with us. Tell me you don’t love that!
    We are all for the family meeting!

  3. Grace Jones

    Wow. What a great thought. I did NOT grow up with “family meetings” or goals or plans or anything like that. And I am guilty of not having any real goals as a family right now… man… lots to think about. Thanks!

    I would love to hear how you other ladies do it…

  4. Tiffany Cooper

    That’s great, Mindy. Yes, I totally understand how family meetings eliminate the “lecture” aspect of discussions. And, yes, food is not a necessity…but I do like it:)

  5. Tiffany Cooper

    Rochelle, you are so on it! WOW!
    Your testimony about the family from your kids school is incredible…rejoicing with you!

  6. Tiffany Cooper

    Grace, it’s not too late to start:)
    I’m sure you will get many great ideas from other ladies. There have already been some great ones posted in the comments today.

  7. Danielle Newsome

    Tiffany, this is SUCH a great idea! Thank you for this. I am going to do this sometime soon!

    In the ministry it is so easy to get sidetracked and life is so fast paced…what a great idea!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Susanne

    We do these (fairly) regularly, and I LOVE IT!! It really helps me as a mom be able to “check the pulse” so to speak of our home. The kids really get into it as well, they feel like they have a “voice”, and it helps them submit to us as parents a little easier!! Definitely some great ideas here!!!

  9. Rachael

    I did not grow up with them, however we have implemented them into our family. We try to do every other week or so, but we do meet together as a family at least 5 days of the week. We pray over over our Christmas Card Family, we write a letter to them to tell them they are loved and prayed for. We then keep a prayer journal and we have the kids take turns praying over each person in our journal and we take time to get excited about the praises! We log them ALL so at the end of the year we can go back and say WOW God you are so faithful!!
    Our meeting usually consist of covering our yearly goals that we hang on our fridge so they can see everyday and we hold each other accountable.

    Example: My oldest daughter (8) put me to a challenge to read a book everyweek for this year! She is a bookworm I am not. Our family meetings have been great accountability because I have to look at her and say yes or no I’ve been reading!

    I love being purposeful with my family. I love seeing other families do it as well.

  10. Michelle Meeks

    Great post Tiffany!
    I love this idea, I think it will help show our kids that we are on the same team; we are for them, not against them. We need to start these for sure, thanks for the encouragement!

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