Will the real YOU please stand up?

Who are you? I’m not talking about the person other people think you are or the person you want to be. Who are you right now on January 5th, 2012? If you’re like me, digging through the layers of opinions formed over your lifetime can be challenging. Even when we believe what the Bible says about who we are in Christ, our flesh has a way of sneaking in and altering those truths. Ohh, that stinkin’ flesh!

2011 was a year of debunking some of my false ideas and feelings about myself. It’s been refreshing and freeing to let “the real Tiffany stand up”.

Examples I can share from my life (there were many more):

  • Instead of feeling like I should be extroverted in all situations, I now accept that I’m extroverted when I’m overseeing an event and more reserved when I’m attending someone else’s event. It’s great to understand this about myself and feel comfortable in my skin, finally.
  • I now accept the fact that I desire to commit my time and energy to passions outside my home, not just the many things I’m thankful to do as a stay-at-home mom. No more guilt because I don’t love cooking dinners (I still cook dinners).
  • I’m a big picture person. Although I can do details, I don’t love the details. I may have 25 ideas and accomplish 1 of them. I fully accept that now instead of comparing myself with others who excel at the details. Not only that, I’ve freed myself from trying to do it all and instead invite the help of others.
  • I like my alone time more and more each year. At first l felt like something was wrong and that I needed to change, now I realize the alone time keeps me healthy.
  • As long as I can remember, I’ve been a people pleaser. This has caused me to carry a very unnecessary amount of guilt. It’s one thing to know you can’t do it all and please everyone, it’s another thing to back it up with action. I was able to make big strides in this area in 2011.

Here’s my comfort, God created me to be complex! I predict that I will still be learning about myself and making big strides in the last years of my life on this Earth.

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it.

Psalm 139:14

I pray this is your comfort too. YOU, created by God, are wonderfully complex!!! The beauty is, your complex is probably different than my complex. Don’t be afraid to accept who you are today, January 5th, 2012.

My 2012 wish for you: Will the real YOU please stand up?

43 thoughts on “Will the real YOU please stand up?

  1. Mary Beth

    Thank you, Tiffany, for this encouraging word. At 47 years old, and 27 years in full time ministry, I still battle with finding the ‘real me’ with each changing season in my life. Praying 2012 will hold huge leaps in being comfortable with who GOD created me to be.

  2. Brandi Wilson

    love this post tiffany! so encouraging. i think i’ve realized i’m not as extroverted as i thought. used to believe i was like 80/20. have come to realize i’m extroverted in situation where i know most of the people and totally introverted in situations where the people are strangers. probably more 40/60 now that i take in specific situations.

  3. Tiffany Cooper

    I love your honesty, Mary Beth! Can you see how much you’ve grown since your first year of ministry? I would love to hear more about your experience in this area. 🙂

  4. Mindy

    I so needed this! Thank you! I’m finding out new things about myself as well. I love to cook but hate to clean, so if it’s messy, I don’t cook it! lol!

  5. LeadHership

    The real me is a chic who others can no longer add to or take from. It’s the girl who stands up & only is who God created her to be. Whoo, girl, this post was great! Preach! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Priscilla

    Great post…I have been on this same journey for the last 3 years. So much freer to be me. So much so, that I stopped straightening my very kinky/curly hair. I used to chemically straighten it and flat iron it constantly. God made me with crazy curly hair and I’m ok with that, finally!!

  7. Natalie witcher

    I don’t like to cook either so… JT does. 🙂 great post. So freeing to be us in HIM!

  8. Kendra

    I love you, Tiffany :). I have always been such an extrovert, energized by being around people, but I too am finding more and more I treasure alone time. I thought something was wrong with me too!! It IS freeing to realize who we are, what our needs are and just be who you are. Great post, Tiff!!

  9. Carolyn Webb

    As a Pastor’s wife, this has been one of my ongoing Sun morning prayers… “Lord, I want to be real this morning to everyone I encounter. I know that even though You want me to be loving and kind. more than that You desire truth in the inward parts. I don’t want to put on a fake smile. I want to put on real, genuine ME… who You created me to be, overflowing with the love of Jesus and the fruits of Your Spirit.”
    Thanks for stirring up these truths in each of us.. Great post!

  10. Rachael

    Great Post!

    I for so long morphed into the situation I was in. However over the last 2 years I have found my strengths and the things that God has made me passionate about. I realize it’s ongoing and ever changing as I sit and hear what he wants me to be.

    Learning I can say “NO”.
    Embracing I can sit and be still.
    Realizing when I can’t and other’s can

    The list can go on and on…

  11. Pati Baker

    Hello Tiffany!
    Your topic is timely. This has been a slow process for me to embrace my uniqueness. Personally have been praying and asking Him for direction. Within four weeks I will have completed my Bachelor’s degree and I am in the “ok God what next” phase. So here I sit praying patiently (kind of) with eyes wide open waiting on my God to show up and show off or use the 2×4. Thank you for your boldness.

  12. Kay

    I love your perspective here…so healthy! I think we will all be happier and more productive when we grasp who we really are and how God can use us individually to accomplish His purposes. Not that there’s not room for growth and change, but there’s also room for the real ME! Happy New Year!

  13. Jaye Bice

    Tiffany…it’s so easy to be the person you think others want you to be. Thanks for encouraging us to be who God designed us to be. 🙂

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  15. Tiffany Cooper

    I really love that Priscilla! It is a life-long journey…been a process for me as well. And I’m happy you’re embracing your curly hair…my precious lady has curls that require time and care too:)

  16. Tiffany Cooper

    Kendra, I’m right there with you. For awhile I felt like something was wrong. Then I realized that there are seasons of life for everything..even our likes:) Sending you love, my friend!

  17. Tiffany Cooper

    Great Truths, Rachael! There is power in being able to morph where the needs are and power in knowing your strengths…there is even more power in being able to find yourself in both:) Thankful for you!

  18. Tiffany Cooper

    Congratulations on getting your bachelor’s! That’s fantastic! I’m confident that God will use you in the place you end up using your degree. Praying with you as you seek God in this decision.

  19. Beth

    Wow..#1 hit home! I always thought there was something wrong with me! I like to sit back at other peoples events and relax. And I am usually reserved.

  20. Erika

    Wow. It feels like you were reading my mail. So so good. So comforting to know I’m not the only one who struggles in these areas, and so encouraging and empowering to hear how God has allowed you to work through some of these issues and bring you freedom. Here’s to 2012 and working through some of mine!

  21. Jaclyn Turner

    Great post Tiffany! It is very freeing to discover things about yourself and then be okay with them. People pleasing is something that I struggle with as well, and it has caused me to carry unnecessary burdens at times. I would say that the real me is a woman searching to know Him and make Him known; a woman is a bit quirky and spunky; a woman who is extroverted once you break her shell; a woman who likes to smile and laugh and love; a woman who might be small in stature but can pack a punch if necessary (not that I am going to knock anyone out…ha!); a woman who has to remind herself at times that she is a treasured child of God and she is not defined by her past. I guess you would call that a beautiful mosaic created by the wonderful Master Artist! 🙂

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