Are You Caught Up?

Posted by Brandi Wilson

I’m pretty slow when it comes to email… if my response requires more than two sentences I’ll probably let the email set for a few days, possibly even weeks, before sitting down to answer.  Just ask Lori, I’m sure it’s why she prefers to call me rather than email me.

Needless to say most of my emails responses start with “So sorry I’m slow in responding…”.  A few weeks back I was once again replying to an email and following my apology I happened to use the phrase “catching up.”   I have to say the response I received back made me laugh.  It was something to the effect of…


Good luck catching up.  I’ve been a pastor’s wife close to 30 years and my youngest child is 23 and catching up still seems like the impossible.

Honestly, I really needed to hear her words.  I like to feel “caught up” and on top of things.  But when I pause and think about life I do stay “caught up” where it’s important.  I stay “caught up” with my kids and “caught up” with my husband.  Relationally I do pretty well staying “caught up.”

So I think what I’m beginning to realize is that I need to focus on being “caught up” in the areas that matter…. family, friends, relationship with God, church family.

Praying for each of you today… praying you’re “caught up” in the areas that matter.

15 thoughts on “Are You Caught Up?

  1. alece

    an empty inbox is my unicorn. i’m fairly certain it will never exist in my world. i should embrace the fact that i’ll never feel “caught up” so that i don’t feel so badly all the time…. cause i start most of my emails the same way you do.

    you’re right. i should be more concerned about being “caught up” in areas that matter…

  2. Brandi Wilson Post author

    well, i’m gonna start calling an empty inbox my unicorn! 😉 hug the hodges for me!!! 🙂

  3. Charity

    argh… my inbox is ridiculous. we have one joint email account them each have a separate one… our joint has over 1,000 new ones in it right now and my gmail account has about 400… most newsletters, etc. but still… ridiculous.

    But thank you for the “caught up” perspective… I’ve been playing MAJOR catch up for the last two weeks and certain days I’ve waved a white flag and this was a good reminder…

  4. Stephanie Shouse

    Thanks for the reminder that being “caught up” shouldn’t refer to the state of my inbox, laundry, or to do list. I love the idea of being caught up in my relationships with my husband, family, and Savior! I needed that today!

  5. Netta

    This is GREAT!
    Just the other day I was thinking of asking another Pastor’s Wife who has grown kids if I’ll feel less “pulled-in-many-directions” when my kids are all grown up…
    Of course, since my kids are so spread out, (18 yr. to 4yrs) by the time my baby is grown I’ll be near retirement and I guess it won’t matter as much anyway! hee hee!
    Thanks for your encouragement… priority relationships are MOST important!

  6. Jennifer

    Can I just say that when I saw your post on Facebook about almost being done with you emails, I really wanted to send you one. Is that mean? LOL!

  7. Deanna Manley

    I heard you address this at the Radicalis Pastor’s Wives Q&A panel. This spoke such peace into my spirit. I constantly struggle with feeling like all I’m doing is treading water. All around me are undone things.

    In taking inventory of the items you mentioned as needing to be “caught up” on, I can honestly say I am. That gives me peace. I’m doing better on the things that matter than I was giving myself credit for.

    Thank you for helping me see this more clearly.

    I enjoyed the panel and it helped me realize just how “normal” my life as a pastor’s wife really is!

    So again, thank you.

  8. Brandi Wilson Post author

    Thanks, Deanna. So glad you enjoyed thd Q and A and took away some helpful stuff. Love knowing I helped you feel “normal.” 😉

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