There are no bad emotions, but all emotions can go bad. Our emotions — anger, frustration, sadness, depression, fear, and anxiety — seem to rule our lives and our leadership during this time. Nothing can limit our progress and growth more than unchecked, unmanaged emotions.

Inside Out is a FREE six-session online workshop delivered straight to your inbox as soon as you register. This workshop is about learning to lead your emotions before your emotions lead you. You’ll be diving into topics like the power of self talk, taming triggers, taking thoughts captive and identifying your core emotions. Inside Out will address the issues we’re all facing in leadership and help you grow your emotional self-awareness both professionally and personally.

Session 1. Leading Yourself First with Lori Wilhite
Session 2. God Powered Self-Talk with Dr Tara Jenkins
Session 3. Limiting Emotional Impact with Brandi Wilson
Session 4. Escaping Isolation Island with Robin May
Session 5. Exposing Core Emotions with Dr Charity Byers
Session 6. Fruitful Grieving with Margaret Feinberg

If we don’t lead ourselves or our emotional lives well, we might forfeit the right to lead all together. The time has come to lead your emotions before your emotions lead you!