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Now available at Central Church – Henderson Campus


Too often, our shoulders slump under the heaviness of family struggles, the strain of financial stress, the burden of a hurting marriage and the weight of insecurity. We are pushed down by feelings of insecurity, defeat, and discouragement. You are not meant to live under that hefty load any longer. You are a child of God, saved by His grace, forgiven and free.

Ephesians gives us beautiful insight into the Lord’s redemptive work and how a life that’s been completely changed can change the world. When people walk confidently in who God says they are, they can put their shoulders back, their chins up, and walk with their heads held high.

In this six-session video Bible study, ministry leader, author, and Bible teacher, Lori Wilhite dives into the book of Ephesians to discover the truth of how to walk with our heads held high. When you will learn who you are, live who you are, and leverage who you are, God can move through you to make an impact.


This study is for the woman who wants to:

  • Stand firm in God’s strength so you can stand up under life’s challenges.
  • Ditch a ho-hum existence so you can embrace a life worth living in Jesus.
  • Discover how to move forward with confidence when life’s pressures are holding you back.
  • Learn to live worthy of God’s call and be empowered to step into that calling.
  • Develop the strength to be all God created you to be when you feel weak.


Six Sessions Include:

1. Chosen

2. Alive in Christ

3. Empowered by Prayer

4. Live Worthy

5. Walk in Light

6. Take Your Stand

The Beautiful Word Bible Study Series helps you connect God’s Word to your daily life through vibrant video teaching, group discussion, and deep personal study that includes verse-by-verse reading, Scripture memory, coloring pages, and encouragement to receive your own beautiful Word from God. In each study, a central theme—a beautiful word—threads throughout the book, helping you connect and apply each book of the Bible to your daily life today, and forever.