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Have these thoughts bounced around your mind:

No one cares what I have to share.
Writing isn’t my strength.
I don’t know enough about the Bible.
I’m just not as gifted as her.
Is there value to my voice?
I don’t know where to begin with writing.
How can I get my message out to people?


Has God birthed a desire to:

Let Him use your story for His glory.
Improve your writing skills to make an impact.
Replace your fear with courage.
Discover your audience and how to write to them.
Create a process to lead to successful writing.
Embrace your unique style of communication.
Develop the determination you need to keep writing.


Has God planted a message in your heart, and you’re not sure how to get it out into the world? Do you want to discover your voice and sharpen your writing skills? Do you need the courage and confidence to take your next best step as a writer?

Over 80% of people desire to write a book, but few ever follow through. We battle the loud inner critic in our minds, excuses that keep us from moving forward, and the unrealistic expectations we set. But when God plants a message in your heart, you have to be brave enough to move forward in obedience to get that message out to others. At The Writer’s Launch, you’ll develop the tools you need to craft that message so that God can use it to make an impact. You’ll join an encouraging community of writers who will help spur you on in your calling. Make the investment in yourself so that your writing dream can be realized.



  • Discover the value of your voice to share your heart’s message.
  • Develop your confidence to overcome the whispers of doubt echoing through your mind.
  • Embrace support from Kingdom-minded writers who cheer you on and give mutual accountability.
  • Create a step-by-step process to move your message from your mind to paper.


We’re committed to you! You’ll have the opportunity to:

Enjoy two follow-up group coaching sessions on Zoom
1 hour long one-on-one session with Lori
On-going connection and support through Leading and Loving It’s Slack that’s just for you!
The opportunity to e-publish devotions, toolboxes, or workshops through Leading and Loving It

Day 1

Session 1: Stop Before You Start
Session 2: Find the Felt Need
Session 3: Setup for Success

Day 2

Session 4: Writing Workshop
Session 5: Publishing vs Self-Publishing
Session 6: Marketing Your Message



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    • An intimate, in-person community experience at Lori’s house in Las Vegas
    • Conversationally led content that will help you realize that you’re not alone and you can do this.
    • Real-time feedback to sharpen your skills
    • A life-giving group of women with a shared calling
    • Lunches and dinners included