Leading & Loving It Conference 2023 IN: 

Returning in 2024!


Have these thoughts bounced around your mind:

Will these hurts always haunt me?
I don’t know if I can trust people again.
I want to be free from the pain of my past.
I’m tired of allowing doubt to overwhelm me.
Am I good enough to keep pursuing my purpose?
Can God still use me after all of my mistakes?


Has God birthed a desire to:

Gain freedom by using your personal experiences to impact others.
Repair the negative thought patterns that have held you prisoner.
Chase His calling on your life with a greater fervency.
Overcome the brokenness and walk toward wholeness in Him.
Claim His boldness for your future.
Break the chains of fear holding you back


Starting out in leadership, excitement and joy accompany our calling. But as we’re engaging in ministry, life often throws unexpected twists, turns and dead ends our way which take their toll on us. We aren’t alone. Even the Apostle Paul faced debilitating challenges in his life and leadership. Even under house arrest and in chains, the last verse in the book of Acts says, “He preached about the Kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ, speaking with all boldness and freedom.” Bold and free.

Chained to heartbreak and captive to hurt and grief, , we can lose our ability to be bold and free. Processing with other women in ministry who have similar struggles helps create the boldness and freedom we’re looking for as we continue to pursue our God-planted purpose.

It’s time to courageously chase your calling without allowing your suffering to hold you hostage. To walk through life free of the bitterness, disappointment and the sting of heartache holding you back. Learn how to let your suffering become a survival guide for others. Choose to transform your heartache to hope and your pain to peace as you walk bold and free. 


For the women in ministry who want to…

  • Be empowered to make changes and craft a life you love living.
  • Experience freedom from the captivity of mistakes and heartache of the past.
  • Reclaim the power of God in your life and boldly embrace His plan for your future.
  • Replace shame and doubt with the truth of who God made you to be.


We’re committed to you! You’ll have the opportunity to:

Enjoy two follow-up group coaching sessions on Zoom
1 hour long one-on-one session with Brandi
On-going connection and support through Leading and Loving It’s Slack community

Session 1. Discover your new girl gang. 

Session 2. Awareness. Identify the hurts, heartaches and hesitations that have held you back.
Session 3. Acknowledgement. Understand the impact they’ve had on your personal growth, relationships and calling.
Session 4. Lead and Love It.

Session 5. Pivot Toward Growth. Declare the change and freedom you’re claiming for your future.







  • An intimate, in-person community experience at Brandi’s house in Nashville (limited availability)
  • Conversationally led content that will help you realize that you’re capable, you’re called, and you matter.
  • A like-minded community of women walking similar paths toward living life bold and free
  • Dinners in Nashville included