Celebrating Christmas

This is one of my very favorite times of year. Yes, it is busy. And at times a bit crazy.

But I love it.

We have incredible opportunity to reach out into our communities and share the message of Christ’s love for them. It is a time when people are quite receptive to invitations from their friends to church.

I love seeing all of the new faces. I love watching our team seize that opportunity in a creative, powerful way. I just love it.

We will be doing 15 services at our 4 campuses in town. (If you live in Vegas, make sure to click here for service times and directions.) And services will run all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our Online Campuses. I hear very exciting musical rumors, but won’t give it away. It is going to be great … and I’m praying that God will move in a huge way and bring people to Himself.

What are your Christmas services like? I would love to hear about the creative things your church is doing.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas

  1. Kate

    This year we did a Rethinking Christmas sermon series at church. It has gone over really well, and we are taking up a sacrificial offering to give to Ethiopia and a mission in downtown Milwaukee. Our people have done an amazing job with giving. We are doing 2 services on Christmas Eve, and we use glow sticks, since the movie theater won’t allow candles, and everyone has a great time. We do not bait and switch people by offering one thing Christmas Eve and offering something different on a Sunday. We are the same all year round, no matter the season or holiday. Then we cancelled church on Sunday to give everyone a break!

  2. Steph

    We are taking a Christmas Carol each week and using it for the sermon…like this week was Joy to the World…talked about having real Joy…not in circumstances…etc. It has been great! We had our big Christmas Celebration this Sunday with a choir…orchestra…and all of that…we also have 2 Candlelight services on Christmas Eve. I love this night. All the candles…communion…singing…a nativity. It is just a great moment each year.

    Merry Christmas Lori! Hope you all have a great one!!

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