And the Winners are … & Consolation Prize

First off, if you didn’t win the drawing for Uncensored Truth: A No-Spin Guide to the Christian Faith, I have this little consolation prize for you. This is the performance of Amazing Grace that we did this Easter. Our team worked hard and were incredible. So enjoy. You can get the FREE audio download of this version here. If you are on FB or an RSS feed, click through to watch … trust me.

Amazing Grace (Live) from Central Online on Vimeo.

And (thanks to here are the winners of my husband’s new book Uncensored Truth: A No-Spin Guide to the Christian Faith:

1. Vanessa

2. Heather Moore

3. David Coyne

4. Tiffany Gowesky

5. Star Forbis

6. Mike McGown

7. Amanda

8. Codi

9. Lisa

10. Stacie Wood

Congratulations winners. I shot you an email with the information about getting the book to you.

11 thoughts on “And the Winners are … & Consolation Prize

  1. tracy

    Congrats to the winner! I love our consolation prize…love, love, love that video!!! Can I post it on fb with the link?? Powerful!

  2. Amy

    Thanks Lori for sharing the Amazing Grace performance. I am a preachers wife that serves a small congregation that is drowning. We are there to help save it and so I feel most days that i too am drowning. We do not have anything like this for our worship. Maybe some day we will if we grow. By the way, I am friends with Shana your old baby sitter.:)

  3. Tiffany

    Thank you so much! What you guys are all doing, providing a community for pastors wives, is a huge blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  4. Lori Wilhite Post author

    No way Amy! That is so crazy! Tell Shana hi!

    And thanks for what you are doing in your church. That takes special people to do that … and I know that it is very rough! Saying a special prayer for you!

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