And The Winner Is …

photo-289Look what we got today! We, of course, are very excited. So between my giddiness and the fact that my blog Birthday is coming up … We’re going to send a copy to everyone that commented.


Thanks so much for your support and continual encouragement. Thanks for hanging around this little blog. Thanks for sharing your leadership and ministry thoughts with me. I love you girls … and guys! 🙂


So … I hope you all enjoy!

17 thoughts on “And The Winner Is …

  1. Keri

    YA-WHOOOO!!! That’s Texan for “I can’t believe I get a copy of the book!”.

    So excited to read it………

  2. Shannon Wallace

    What a blessing!!! Lori and Jud…thanks SO much! BTW, I’m a member @ Central. Could I possibly have Benji hold my copy at the 2:42 and I’ll pick it up this Sunday? I want to save you guys $$ on the shipping!

    Shannon Wallace :o)

  3. Keri

    I got my email and already forwarded it on to Benjamin. I know, I’m a geek. Can you imagine how out of control I would be on a game show? Yikes!!

  4. Beth Robles


    Just wanted you to know the Lawrence and I got the e-mail you sent out. We did forward it to Benji. Thank you very much for the giveaway. We can’t wait to read this new book. We are very excited. Thank you again!

    The Robles’

  5. davekessler

    loved the “and guys” comment at the end of the blog. I got teased indirectly by someone recently because I would comment on your blog… it might have been because I didn’t give that person a hug… who knows.

    I am looking forward to reading Jud’s new book (going to steal my wife’s staff copy).

  6. Dawn Carter

    I am so glad I found your blog! (and happy one year blog birthday btw). I’ve heard amazing things about your church through Crystal Renaud as well as the guys I work with at 360hubs.

    Love, love, l*o*v*e your tweets and am so glad to get to know your world better. Keep up the amazing work in Las Vegas.

    Oh, I cracked up at the moms Bible study title you tweeted about… I teach at Moms with A Purpose (Sandals Church’s Bible Study for moms)!

    Dawn Carter

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