2nd Birthday … the Giveaway

Today is the 2nd Bloggy Birthday of this here blog.

So … in order to celebrate … or to grab hold of an excuse to give stuff away, we’re going to do a mass giveaway.

This is my husband’s new book: Uncensored Truth: A No-Spin Guide to the Christian Faith

“In Uncensored Truth, Jud Wilhite offers a straightforward guide to the core beliefs of Christianity and shows why they matter and how they apply to life. Jud leads a no-holds-barred discussion about everything from God and Jesus to the Bible’s teaching on end times, heaven and hell. He shows how discovering God’s uncensored truth leads one to rediscover God s uncensored grace in a fresh way.” – Product Review on Amazon

Jud wrote this book as the simplest, most engaging way to explain the essentials of the faith as he possible.

So … I have 10 copies of this book to give away to celebrate. All you have to do is leave a comment. I’ll draw the winners at random Sunday night, and announce them on Monday. You can find the book at Central Online Bookstore andΒ Amazon.

Ok … on your mark … get set … go comment:

79 thoughts on “2nd Birthday … the Giveaway

  1. Violet Conner

    Thanks for all your encouragement through this blog, Lori! I read Eyes Wide Open and really liked it, I would love a copy of this book! =)

  2. Lane Moore

    of course I’ll comment! B. and I loved Uncensored Grace…looking forward to this new read:)

  3. Beth Robles

    First: Happy Birthday Blog
    Second: Haven’t had a chance to get P. Jud’s new book. Would love to read it. All of his books are encouraging and intriguing. May God continue to inspire him!

  4. Karen

    Happy birthday! I’d love to read the book, especially since it is on the fundamentals of the faith!

  5. Jackie Doyle

    Please please please pick me. Our Small group will study it and I haven’t bought the book yet.. So you’d be super helpful. lol
    Anyway, love the blog. Otherwise I wouldn’t be following it.

  6. Julie Trevino

    Happy Birthday!
    I follow, friend and fan of Leading and Loving It Blog and Ladies! Thank You for being a refreshing part of my day. You are making a difference in this PW’s life. Love it!

  7. Lori Wilhite Post author

    No way!! I haven’t been on Twitter yet to see that it was your big day too! Happy Birthday my friend!

  8. Rodd Hall

    Jud is so the man and I’d love to have his new book! Deadly Viper was great! Can’t wait to see him and Mike next week at Catalyst West!! Will you be joining Jud in Cali Lori??

  9. Doug Hixson

    I am about to move my family to South Dakota to plant a church. I would love a copy of the book!

  10. Mike McGown

    Hi, my name is Mike and I’m the pastor at Parkway Fellowship in Katy, TX (west side of Houston). I’m new to Judd Wilhite stuff–just started podcasting. My ministry coach, Brad White (pastor of Life Point in Tampa) recommended JW and so far I’m personally and professionally getting a lot out of the podcasts. So glad to be connected to men & churches God is using to change lives in big ways to build a Big Kingdom. Love your church, love what Vegas is becoming because of CCC, and would love a copy of the book. Blessings to both you and Judd as He uses you as part of His forcefully advancing Kingdom.

  11. mo

    lol…i’m late to the party, but I’d love a copy of the book if I’m still in the running!!!

    happy birthay to your blog!

  12. Brent Guice

    Your family and mine have something in common…we LOVE Bulldogs! I’d love a book!!! Thank you!

  13. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Hey Rodd. I will be at Catalyst West next week. You wouldn’t happen to be bringing a wife or someone along would you?

  14. Tim Sampson

    Hi Lori,
    Been wanting to get Jud’s new book and so an even bigger bonus would be to win it.

  15. Christopher Bunch

    I love Jud’s books. He writes in a way that makes since without going into to much detail. I can’t wait to read this one. I’ll buy one even if I don’t win one! Go Jud!

  16. Jenn Palmer

    Hey my husband told me today that he got the info to send some women from his group to your VIP lunch at Catalyst! Now I’m even more jealous I can’t go!:). Have a great time!!

  17. Matt Molt

    Wow! What an offer! My wife and I are starting a church plant pre launch this week and would love to use the book for our team-hope we win! (go New Vintage Church!)

  18. David Coyne

    Glad I found you and your ministry. As a camp director, I am always looking for resources to help those who serve in the church.

    I am looking forward to telling your story to other women in ministry in Arizona and the Southwest!

  19. Amanda Barnes

    Always looking for a new book. Ok, really my boyfriend wants to read this book. And I thought I would try and win it for him.

  20. Paul DaRosa

    We’ve been gone from the LV Valley for 2 years and the one thing I miss most is Central Christian!

  21. Rodd Hall

    Hey Lori. Yes I am bringing my wife Nancy and 8 other friends. We’re driving all the way out from Nebraska! Can’t wait!!

  22. Al

    I lead youth leaders from 350 churches in Florida…would love to read the book and share my thoughts with our leaders…

    Pick me for the win!

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