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4 Reasons You Should Consider Staying Home

LION_1SHT_TEASER_AW.inddby Noel Yeatts

The images captivated me. It was a different world, a distant land and one that I had never seen before.

My first idea of “missions” was planted in my head through a film I was shown at school one day as a young girl. It was Papua New Guinea and it painted a picture for me of what missions must be all about … going to a place far away from home where they don’t speak your language or eat the same food.  That must be what it means to be a missionary.

My first “mission trip” was when I was just 11 years old. And I have been going ever since. Some would say that I’m a mission trip junkie.

Now, let me just state that part of my job at World Help is recruiting people to go on “mission trips”. And because of that, I obviously see the importance.

But my role has also given me a front row seat to see how it can all go wrong.

“Mission trips” have a bad rap and have come under strong attack in recent years. Books and articles have been written on how our help might actually hurt, and all the ways our money could be better spent and invested.

And while there is some truth in these claims, I think far too often these conversations discourage an already waning interest in the Great Commission and simply give us more excuses not to get involved.

You see, I think the problem is not the trip itself, but in the reasons we go.

So here are just a few reasons you might consider staying home:

  1. If you think you can save the world, stay home.
  2. If you think it will make you a better Christian, stay home.
  3. If you think you have all the answers, stay home.
  4. If it’s all about you, please, stay home.


  • If you want to have your eyes opened, to wake yourself up to the needs of the world, and if you are prepared not to change anything except yourself, then go.
  • If you want to help empower people, provide sustainable solutions to real life problems, then go.
  • If you want to build relationships, showing people how to live on earth, not just how to get to heaven, then go.
  • And if you want to be a voice for those who have none, then by all means, please, then go.

There are stories to be told, so many stories. And stories speak to people, make them think about the reality of the world, and challenge them to get involved.

But, may those stories be less about us, and more about God’s kingdom work … work that he can easily do without us, but that He invites us to join.

That’s the beauty of it all. God chooses to use us to rescue and restore all that is broken in this world. And for that reason, I hope you will consider going.

Join Noel and L&LI in Guatemala in February, 2017. The deadline to sign up is December 1.  If you are interested in signing up for this trip, click HERE.


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I’m Bringing Beauty Back

by Noel Yeatts

We all came with bags packed and overflowing … not just with our cute and sassy outfits that we were waiting to wear in Nashville. But we also came with “baggage”. Bags packed to the rim and overflowing with hurt, pain, hard years, tough transitions, struggling marriages, pressing questions, identity crises and so much more.

A friend told me recently that in leadership we have to show people the beauty … help them find the beauty. And I believe that is exactly what Leading and Loving It is doing. It is restoring hope and bringing the beauty back to life in ministry for thousands of women.

Re:treat allowed us to leave our baggage at the altar and come home with bags overflowing with new friends, advice, resources, truth  … Oh, and lots of new t-shirts! I think I literally have one for every day of the week now!

Most importantly we are going home with beauty restored. Our problems cannot disappear overnight but our perspective certainly can. And now we have the opportunity to share this beauty with others – our congregations, our workplace, friends, husbands and our families.

I believe the greatest injustice facing our world today is not hunger or disease. It is not extreme poverty, abuse, abandonment, fear, anxiety or depression. No, the greatest injustice is hopelessness. Because when you have no hope, you literally have nothing.

And I also believe that the beauty of life in ministry comes from one thing – hope. Our most important job as women in leadership is to be hope bearers to a world in need.

I was so encouraged by the hundreds of women who heard the message of Rescue at Re:Treat and were inspired to respond – to be the hope bearers to underprivileged children around the world. Not only did the ladies of Leading and Loving It raise enough money to rescue three babies in only a matter of two days, dozens also expressed interest in personal fundraisers and sharing the story of Rescue at their church by hosting the Children of the World choir.

I wasn’t able to meet all of the women in attendance but I was able to hear just a glimpse of their stories. Women who so desperately needed to be filled, but found it in themselves to pour out just a little bit more and for that I am incredibly grateful.

While one of the most important jobs as a woman in ministry is to be hope bearers, let’s not forget the difference hope can make in our own lives. The hope we have in Jesus Christ helps us tackle whatever comes our way today, tomorrow and every day after that. And when you truly embrace that truth, you find the beauty in ministry and in our faith once again.


Noel Yeatts is the Vice President of World Help and a LALI partner. She shared at Re:treat and brought the Children of the World Choir with her. If you are interested in having Children of the World at your church please call 800-541-6691 or click here-


Shamu, Extreme Poverty and You

new shamuGuest Blogger: Noel Yeatts, Vice President of World Help

On my way home from vacation this summer I found myself in a hotel room watching a documentary that I had already seen. In fact, this may have been the third time I had watched it. You could say I am a little obsessed. You see, the documentary Blackfish rocked my world.

Growing up, my family lived in San Diego and we had annual passes to Sea World. I loved Shamu the killer whale, I knew all of the shows, memorized the songs, waited anxiously to be splashed and secretly hoped to be the one child in the audience they picked to receive a big kiss from Shamu. But you know how that works … they always pick the cutest kid. Let’s just say these were not my best years. I was a little on the chunky side and had a wannabe Dorothy Hamill haircut. Trust me, it was not a good look. So, I never was picked.

But that did not diminish my love for Sea World, so I kept coming back.

The first time I saw Blackfish, a documentary that suggests the negative effects of killer whales in captivity, I did not know what to do with my roller coaster of emotions. I didn’t know what to believe. My heart would love to keep those childhood memories untainted but my head tells me better.

The documentary has played endlessly on CNN since its release in 2013. Sea World has pushed back relentlessly publishing open letters in newspapers and producing commercials defending their fair treatment of the animals.

Here is an interesting number … 59. That is the total number of killer whales globally held in captivity.

And the world is outraged.

About three years ago I met Blanca in the hills of Guatemala in a remote area that help rarely reaches. After hours of driving through rocky roads, rough terrain, and a hike up a hill, we found Blanca in a small mud hut with her parents and two siblings. They had little food and no clean water source. Their only income was what small amount her father made selling firewood. This was a family living in extreme poverty.Noel - pic 1 - Blanca

Blanca was skin and bones. She was severely malnourished and was quite possibly on the verge of death.

Here is another number … 16,000.  That is the estimated number of children under the age of 5 that will die today from the effects of extreme poverty. So by the time you finish reading this post 60 children will have died.

So 59 whales get a documentary that plays over and over on a major news network. They get legal teams, dedicated fans and advocates speaking out on their behalf. And because of this support, things begin to change.

Regardless of which side you believe, there is no denying that the treatment of these animals will be forever improved. The scrutiny alone will ensure their safety in the future. And while the mistreatment of animals sickens me, what outrages me even more is the suffering of innocent children.

Most deaths from extreme poverty are entirely preventable. But, these children have no legal teams, no documentaries playing over and over again on a major news source, few resources, and little hope.

I can’t help but wonder about the number of children that could be rescued, if they were shown the same attention as 59 killer whales.

The day I met Blanca changed my life. I was able to participate in her rescue story, and months later the transformation was incredible. She was a different child – healthy, laughing and playing like any other little girl. We captured her story in a short documentary and started telling it across the country. And guess what … things started to change. People got involved and lives were saved.

So, here is the number I really want you to remember … 200. That is the number of children that together with the Leading and Loving It community, we have committed to helping rescue – children just like Blanca. That is 200 lives that will be saved and forever changed.

Noel - pic 2 - Blanca and momSometimes I think of Blanca’s mother, who, like so many mothers around the world, simply did not have the resources or support to care for her children. She was desperate. Helpless. Being unable to save her own daughter from the effects of malnutrition, dirty water, and the despair of poverty was never her choice.

But it’s stories like hers that have allowed me to see that I do have a choice—I can choose to sit back and ignore the suffering and injustices happening every day all around the world, or I can choose to live my life awake – awake enough to make a difference.

You see, my faith claims to care about the suffering, the sick, the wounded, the brokenhearted and the hopeless. My faith stands for justice. But my faith also requires me to act … to be the hope to those who have none.

Will you be the hope? What step will you take TODAY to be hope to someone in extreme poverty?

World Help Operation Baby Rescue: Guatemala

I don’t know about you, but I have loved following #LALIRescue15 this week on social media. Seeing 25 Leading and Loving It ladies on a mission trip together, rescuing babies and providing hope, love and hugs to so many who feel they’ve been forgotten. Today Lori, Lisa and Noel have a personal message and a challenge just for us.

Guatemala | #LALIRescue15 from World Help on Vimeo.

Want to know how you can partner with us and save 200 babies? How to provide hope in situations that seem hopeless? Join us HERE and help save children in desperate situations who need to know the love of Jesus.

Help us show these children a little bit of heaven right now.