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Meet Brandi

Brandi Wilson is a life coach, author and speaker who helps women and their families navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. She loves helping single moms learn how to show up fully for themselves so they can show up fully for their kids. She’s helped start two churches, the most recent being Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, where she learned how important it is as a leader to know your truth and speak it. Her work now aims at helping women develop emotional and mental health so they live a life of freedom and confidence. Her own journey has taught her the power of that very skill.

Brandi co-authored Leading and Loving It: Encouragement for Pastors’ Wives and Women in Leadership with Lori Wilhite. Her work with Leading and Loving It empowers women in ministry and leadership to develop healthy relationships with themselves so that they can build healthy communities. Brandi enjoys co-leading the LALI community of over 19,000 women towards greater mental, empowerment as leaders and emotional health through her coaching, workshops and speaking engagements.

If she isn’t following one of her three boys to a sporting event, she’s doing yoga, hiking or gardening. Brandi finds joy by spending time with her friends and enjoys crafting a simple life she loves living. Her hope is to invite other women into their own truth so they too can live a life they love living.

More information about working with Brandi can be found at lovebrandiwilson.com. Or you can follow her on Instagram @lovebrandiwilson.