Fun Friday … Nacho Average Pastor’s Wife

Posted by Lori Wilhite

I absolutely loved Tiffany’s post yesterday. And in the spirit of embracing who we are, we proudly proclaim that weΒ  are “Nacho Average”. I mean, you know how I feel about typical.

So, I’m loving seeing pictures of everyone sporting their new “Nacho Average” shirts. Check out how great Toni, Melissa, and Joy look:

Today I want to hear what makes you a “Nacho Average” Pastor’s Wife or Woman in Ministry. What’s something not-so-typical about you? Let’s hear it!

Me? Oh so many things to choose from. I’ll add them in the comments as we go.

** Don’t forget that you can grab a shirt of your own HERE. And make sure to send us a picture of how cute you are so we can post it later!

27 thoughts on “Fun Friday … Nacho Average Pastor’s Wife

  1. LeadHership

    First, I just gotta score me one of those tees. LOVE! What makes me nacho average is I love being dared to do things or doing things others won’t dare. It’s so fun. Even more fun to catch people’s reactions!

  2. Toni Camp

    Cool!! That is me up there!! I love my shirt! I guess nothing about me is typical!! People are totally shocked when they find out I am a Pastor’s wife, in a good way! I love it!

  3. Tiffany Cooper

    Hmmm…I’m not sure there’s anything about me that’s “nacho average PW” since we have an eclectic group of PWs around here:) In fact, the more I get to know you all, I think I’m pretty “average”. πŸ™‚

  4. Dolli

    What makes me “nacho average” pastor’s wife is I became one at age 42, 20 years later than most pastor’s wives. I wasn’t raised in the church during my childhood, other than attending an occasional church service when staying with my grandparents. I don’t have hundreds of Bible verses memorized. I’m not a member of our church’s ladies group. I don’t lead a Bible study. I work full-time in a secular job. I’ve been through a divorce. I was another faith prior to my second marriage. We have a blended family of 5 daughters. My husband answered his ministry call a year after our marriage, starting seminary at age 36 and becoming a full-time associate pastor a year later. I am far from being an “average” pastor’s wife.

  5. Michelle Gallardo

    I think what makes me Nacho Average PW is I grew up in my church my whole life married the Pastors son and become Pastors at 23yrs over young people I grew up with. I can honestly say “leading and loving it”.

  6. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Rattlesnake heels. I seriously love my rattlesnake heels. Now, I know lots of you ladies would wear them … but they aren’t what pops in my head when it comes to “typical” Pastors’ Wives.

  7. Susan Morris

    I ordered a shirt as a Christmas treat for myself πŸ™‚ Can’t wait till it get’s here! I guess the main time I get that response is when I do something crazy and unexpected like yelling out something funny in a crowd. I think most people think pastors and their wives are super spiritual and serious all the time πŸ™‚

  8. Teri McCardel

    I’m new to this group and am very excited to connect with other pastor’s wives. So often I feel I don’t have a safe place to talk about things I just need to talk about! One way I am nacho average pw is that I rarely tell new people in the church that I am the pastor’s wife when I first meet them. It’s kind of funny when later on they say, “You’re Pastor Tim’s wife? I was wondering who you were!”

  9. Laryssa

    Let’s see — times have changed so much since my mom’s days as a PW, where it was expected that she at least could sing or play the piano for some odd reason, LOL. I definitely can’t do either, which makes me nacho-average PW. I also let my big, natural hair do what it does, which kinda throws people off because it’s not considered “refined.” AND I love to boogie!

  10. Aimee

    I love old school rap music and I love to bust a move (usually only in my living room nowadays)!

    I have always felt like nacho average pastor’s wife! I have no rattlesnake heels though…maybe I need to work on that! πŸ˜‰ It would definitely turn some heads in rural, small town SC!

  11. Melissa Rorabaugh

    Well, I’m the middle picture up there … I love my shirt and get lots of looks and comments. It’s a great conversation starter … we have a lot of members in our church who need to find a dose of grace … Christians who have lost their way and need to return.

    This is why me being “nacho average” and Tub being WAY “nacho average” (haha!) works.

    Some of our nacho average ways:
    *tatted (a little)
    *older (I was 42 when he 1st got on staff, of course, I’m 8 yrs older)
    *adoptive mom of multi-racial family and we are VERY blunt about many topics which just throws a lot of people off
    *work full time
    *very obnoxious at my son’s sporting events where I insist we play to win
    *don’t play a piano or sing

    However, like I learned from the first JustOne conference … and I continue to learn from all of you amazing women – I am more average than what I had in my head the day I stood in my drive way, looked up in the sky and said:

    “Lord, seriously, THIS is the life you had planned for me? Are you sure you have the right Melissa? You know, me, right?”

    Thankfully, the moment passed – He, of course, knew what He was doing, had the right Melissa and we’ve been plugging along ever since.

  12. Kate

    I might be a little too sassy for some people’s liking, and I am with Jessica, I say “freaking” a lot πŸ™‚ Also my oldest is obsessed with boobs, so she frequently tells people she likes their boobs, male or female, and she shows off her own at church, right where everyone gets coffee and bagels!

  13. Stephanie Thomason

    Sassy, can’t play the piano, sing (atleast in public), loud, says what she thinks…but like Tiffany said…I think I’m realizing I’m Average now that I have all you Nacho Average PWs in my life!

    I Love my shirt…love the comments I get when I wear it. Love that I was connected with another PW the other day at work because I had my shirt on & now we are gonna go get coffee & chat! She seems so spunky & I loved it!

    But I love that it gets attention & people see we are proud, not ashamed, approachable, silly & called to be who we are kinda gals!
    Thanks for making these shirts available for us!

  14. Melissa Rorabaugh

    Stephanie – Like you, I love that the shirt has been a true conversation starter! I want more shirts like this just for that reason!!

    I have used it as a witnessing tool as well as an opportunity to meet another PW, too!

    Hope you have found a great new friend with yours. We definitely need each other!

    Let’s connect:
    Twitter: TubsWife

  15. Jaye M. Bice

    Not-so-typical…well, I don’t sing nor do I play the piano {that’s a must here in South Georgia}. I don’t cook well enough to display my dish at the covered dish suppers and if I did I would probably trip and drop it because I was carrying it wearing 4 inch heels, refereeing 3 arguing kids, and smiling & greeting everyone I saw. I’m a super sanguine and my playlists aren’t always Sunday’s music. My boots are high {it makes my legs look longer lol} and my nail color is hardly ever “normal”. Seems like we all have more in common than we thought. πŸ™‚

  16. Beth

    Ok..I got my shirt in the mail..I ordered a 2 x cause I’m a little fits like a large πŸ™ I was so sad. Either they really do run small or I got one that the size is a little off.

  17. Jaclyn Turner

    I love the shirt! I need to order mine! Hmmmm, what makes me “nacho average pastor’s wife?” Does riding down the road with the windows rolled down and Def Lepard blaring on the radio count? Ha! I can be a bit sassy and outspoken at times. I love fashion, and would totally raid Kourtney Kardashian’s closet, as well as Carrie Bradshaw’s closet (yes, I do realize she is a fictional character, but her shoe collection is amazing)! πŸ™‚

  18. Vanessa

    Okay, so I thought of something as I was walking into church yesterday that makes me “nacho” average pastor’s wife … I am late to church almost every Sunday! I try very hard to get there in time, but with three kiddos there’s always something. Yesterday was a morning bath time due to a massive blow out from the baby. So, I’m the pastor’s wife who walks into the service about 15 minutes late almost every week and if I am early, I have no idea what to do with myself!

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