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Book Discussion – These Is My Words

these-is-my-words** SPOILER ALERT: This is a book club discussion of These is My Words.  If you haven’t read the book and don’t want anything spoiled for you, you probably shouldn’t read this post or its comments. There are bound to be spoilers lurking around here somewhere, so proceed with caution.**


My name is Tiffani.  I LOVE to read, and some of my favorite books are historical fiction.  I’ve never led an online book discussion group, so bear with me.  I will start by giving you a few impressions I had as I was reading These is My Words, then ask some questions that I’ve been thinking about.  I’ll check back throughout today to respond to any comments that come in.  Keep checking and responding to keep our discussion alive!


First off, for a grammar geek like myself, this book was difficult to even order, must less open and read!  A close friend of mine was adamant that I would love it, so I persevered through the errant “is” and found a treasure of a story. 


When I read about Sarah’s early life and her family’s journey to Arizona, my first thoughts were something like, “I’m such a wimp!  I can’t imagine doing stuff like this.”  But sometimes, as I’m in the midst of the busyness of my life, I wonder if life would be simpler in some ways if we were more concerned with survival at its most basic form.  Getting my son to soccer practice seems so ridiculous compared to fighting off Indians.  Is there a “toughness” to people today?  Or am I really as wimpy as I think?


Besides her spirit of survival, I thought Sarah’s thirst for education was her defining trait.  Do you have that thirst?  What do you do with it?     


I loved the relationship between Sarah and Jack Elliot.  They knew and respected each other for so long before their love grew to fruition.  How did their experiences color their marriage?  How long did you know your spouse before you got married?  Were you friends first?


What stood out to you as you read These is My Words?  What experiences have you had that helped you relate to the characters in the story?

Book Discussion Approaching


right-arrow1We’re getting ready to discuss that book … yep, that one right over there. That’s the one. “These is My Words.” Discussion will start up on Friday. Make sure to check back often to comment and comment about other comments. Should be fun!


Between Catalyst and Easter, I didn’t get finished with the book. But my best friend, Tiff, has agreed to lead the discussion. I heard the book is awesome, so I look forward to getting to read it.


And if you are in my book club that meets here in Vegas, don’t panic. Lisa is going to lead your discussion at the two42 on Thursday.