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Posted by Tiffany Cooper

I really enjoy unexpected moments that occur in the middle of my usual routine. Last week, while taking my daughter to gymnastics, I reconnected with a friend from my teaching days. Stephanie and I taught at the same school and we both had a passion for God and his church.  I was married with no kids but I was head first into a brand new church plant. She was single and involved at a church in the city.  Now, almost 10 years later, we both have 4 kids and very full lives.

It’s easy for days to clump together as years collect one after the other without much thought. Seeing Stephanie caused me to rewind and replay what the Lord has done in my life. An overflowing abundance of moments I would live again and a few that I wouldn’t have chose to live the first time. As I stand today, I’m thankful for how every experience has shaped me.

Here are a few of my Rewind & Replay moments:

  • God chose me to be the mom to four of his awesome creations. They were born without complications and fill our home with fun, laughter and lots of love.
  • 1st year of People’s Church: I still remember how excited I felt each Sunday as we set up People’s Church in the AMC movie theatre. I was a sweaty mess by the time service started but my heart was full of expectation as I waited to see who would show up.
  • The crazy morning when my husband and I realized that doing an overnight “getaway” in our city without the kids was not the best idea. (This is a crazy ministry story!) Thankful we now know to “getaway” a little farther from home.
  • My first trip away from my babies was my first to Vegas to meet some of my newest friends for the first time! As I waited at baggage, Lori and Brandi walked up to greet me. It was a surreal moment…I remember standing there almost in shock at what was happening.

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Have you taken a few minutes to rewind and replay the moments that God has provided in your life? I think today is a perfect day for reflection and a great day to share with your Leading and Loving It friends!!! So, go for it, share one rewind moment with all of us!

4 thoughts on “Rewind & Replay

  1. Brandi Wilson

    I remember we almost tackled you to the ground!!! 🙂

    We had a fun family day together on Saturday… those sweet unplanned moments are often “rewind and replay” for me… times when I catch myself thinking it can’t get any better than this!

  2. Michelle Meeks

    Ryan had the privilege to marry a lady on staff this past weekend. She met Andy at Church so a bunch of staff & members were at the wedding. Looking around as everyone celebrated together, Ryan & I got teary thinking of all the life change represented in the room, knowing most of everyone’s stories & seeing how Jesus had transformed us all was a wonderful emotional trip down memory lane.

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