Stand Firm: The Belt of Truth

Written by Linda Seidler

Ephesians 6:14, “Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth…”

There is one thing that is certain in ministry; nothing is certain, except God. Some of our days are joy-filled and others are just jacked-up. Some seasons feel peaceful, and some are splattered with turmoil. We experience highs and lows, and hope and heartache, and every bit of it happens while we minister to others who are experiencing the very same thing.

Yet God, in his infinite wisdom, knowing that we would have rough moments, prepared a way to help us get through by giving us words of strength such as those found in today’s verses.

You see, God always knows what’s coming our way. He sees beyond our scope of vision, and in turn, wants each of us to be solid and ready to remain strong despite what’s happening around us.

I only wish I would have realized the importance of this truth in my early years of ministry. Had I lived this truth, many of the days that I spent dwelling on ‘what went wrong’ in the midst of tough moments, would have been replaced with ‘I am strong’ as I moved onward despite the difficulty.

Paul writes, “Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth…”  Why does God tell us to stand? Because He knows what we are going into.

  • ‘To stand’ means to know you’ll have bad days, but you won’t worry.
  • ‘To stand’ means to get in position and face forward.
  • ‘To stand’ means to stop slouching and hunching over in defeat and stand upright with shoulders back in confidence knowing that the God inside of you is greater than an enemy trying to defeat you! 
  • ‘To stand’ means not to be afraid of the hard moments, and to remember that God is before you, behind you, beside you and inside of you! Greater is HE who is you than he who is in the world.

And as we stand strong, God tells us to put on the belt of truth, or God’s word. An important part of a Roman soldier’s garb was the belt that was put on before any other piece of armor. It was the first piece of equipment worn and was necessary to secure every other piece of armor. After it was positioned correctly, it showed that the soldier was ready for battle.

The belt of truth, or God’s word, prepares you and me for battle. It should be the first thing we ‘put on’ or ‘wear’ to secure every area of our lives! Learning and knowing God’s word helps us to identify and protect ourselves from the schemes of the enemy. Securing the belt of truth around us enables us to be ready and prepared and wise to the possibilities of tough times and difficulties.

Because Jesus knew that people would come against Him and tough times would happen, He stayed secure and confident in God’s truth. No person or no difficult experience would deter Him or alter the path where he was going. He had been placed on assignment to finish a task that God had sent Him to earth to do, and nothing, I mean nothing, had the power to keep Him from it.

You see, we may face an evil enemy who has the intention to destroy, but we serve a great God who gives us power to defeat!

So strap on your belt, and do not let anything stop you. Don’t allow anyone lure you away from what God has called you to. In your moments of frustration, hurt, doubt and fear, remind yourself that God has not left you defenseless or vulnerable. You are already equipped to handle anything that comes your way.

And remember this, while we may not be able to plan for the tough moments in our future, we can prepare for them through God’s solid word of truth.

In what ways do you need to “tighten your belt” so that you can stand?

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