Just What We Needed

Posted by Tiffany Cooper

Disney is magical, at least that’s what my 7 year old son tells me.  After our last trip to Disney World, I would agree 100%.  There is something strangely magical about that place.  We had the BEST time together.  No schedules, late nights into the early morning, fried and sugary food, lots of laughing… you get the idea.  But then there’s also feelings of physical exhaustion, thirst and 4 little ones tired of waiting in long lines.  Moments when we wondered why we thought this was a good idea for a vacation.  Yet, once we left, we couldn’t wait to go back.  It was just what our family needed!

Being in the ministry is sometimes like those Disney highs and lows.  It’s exciting when something is new or when things happen as we planned.  Then, we have seasons of weariness or moments when things look more half-empty than half-full.  The key is trying to find the good in every situation, to make lemonade out of those lemons. (Side Note: Disney has the best lemon slush drinks!)

When you’ve hit the bullseye, it was just what you needed.

When you’ve walked gracefully through a painful situation, it was just what you needed.

When you’ve felt like your life was a dream come true, it was just what you needed.

When you’ve felt like you couldn’t get out of bed but you did, it was just what you needed.

God can use every situation and every moment to refine us.  Only he has the power to take any situation and get the best out of it, to get the best out of us.  Even when we can’t understand it, it may be just what we needed!

12 thoughts on “Just What We Needed

  1. DisneyCyndi

    That’s why its my favorite place in the whole wide world! 🙂

    Its a place where you begin to believe all thinks are possible and that you can dream bigger dreams for life (and ministry). At least that is what it does for me. LOL

  2. Stephanie Shouse

    This was just what I needed today. We’ve come out of a difficult time in ministry and things have settled back into a routine. I thought this morning that even though it was hard, the fight was almost easier than the mundane. But God knows exactly what I need…I’m hoping He’s using this time of calm to refresh and strengthen me before He does something big again! Thanks for reminding me that it’s all for a purpose.

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