Why do the marriages of so many ministry couples get placed on the back burner? We know it’s not the case for everyone but it happens all too often. Maybe it has happened to you.

Or maybe your marriage is doing well, and you would consider your marriage to be a good one. Great! Why not make it better? Why settle for good when it can be outstanding?

We believe that healthy, strong marriages bring about healthy, strong churches and ministries. We want to provide you with tools and resources to help your marriage relationship – whether it’s thriving or struggling.

We regularly write blog posts about strengthening our marriages. In addition to that, we do our best to offer you advice and helpful hints to help you minister to couples in your own churches and ministries.

Marriage resources to assist you on your journey:

Devotion for Couples:

Healthy Practices of Ministry Couples- The Leading and Loving It Team
A 16-day devotional written FOR couples in ministry BY couples in ministry.


Beyond Ordinary – Justin & Trisha Davis


Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken – Cindy Beall

Coaching & Mentoring

Mentor Us

Coach Us

Marriage Conferences:


Lifeway’s Festival of Marriage

Pastor & Ministry Care Program:

Blessing Ranch

The Leading &Loving It Marriage Team contact information:

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