Leading and Loving It is passionate about providing resources that equip, encourage, and challenge you. While many pastors’ wives and women in ministry feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and unprepared, we believe that you can thrive – loving life and leadership. It’s our desire that you would feel capable, confident, and called as you embrace ministry. Dive into these devotions to help challenge and equip you in your spiritual life and your leadership life.

The Bible is a classroom. It is filled with stories that will teach us what to emulate and what not to do as well. Join us as we dig into the scriptures and look for the lessons God wants to teach us through men and women from the Bible that will take our leadership to the next level.


11 Day Devotional Web 2Do you ever feel like leadership challenges are sucking the joy right out of ministry? You know ministry is a privilege – a blessing – but some days you just want to hop in the truck and leave all of the hurt, loneliness, and expectations behind. The Leading and Loving It 11-day devotion is for you. Click on the image above to view the YouVersion devotion, or click the button below to receive this devotion as an email for the next 10 days.


10 Scriptures WebSo you’ve been called into ministry. Ever wanted to give up because it’s just too challenging? Ever think you weren’t cut out for it? That somehow God must have made a mistake by choosing you? We know the feeling. In this 10-day plan, we will share struggles we’ve faced in various ministry roles and how God gave us His Word to stand on in the midst of crisis and pain.


This 16-day devotional (with two catch-up days) was written for couples in ministry roles by couples in ministry roles. At Leading and Loving It, we believe that ministries will not be healthy unless marriages are healthy first. You and your spouse will discuss a variety of topics including communication, finances and sexual intimacy!