On the beach. At the campsite. At the office on lunch break. By the pool. On a road trip.

Join us in July for our Virtual Summer Study that can go anywhere, anytime with you!

Take a few weeks this summer to trade off the old names that have haunted you and held you back so that you can declare, “My Name is Victorious!”

Joining the Virtual Summer Study just take four simple steps.

1. Grab the My Name is Victorious book.

If it has been sitting on your bedside table unfinished or you went through it previously and would love to dive into discussion with some other ladies, grab the book again!

If you still need a copy of your own, hop over to our store to pick one up!

2. Join the private Facebook group.

Each week we will watch a short video and discuss the week’s content with one another. We can discuss the unique challenges that we leaders face when it comes to our identity.    We can encourage and challenge one another, and you won’t even have to lead the study for a change!

3. Dive into the discussion.

When you see prompts posted in the Facebook group, jump in! Respond to and encourage each other!

4. Drag it with you wherever your summer takes you!

Whether you are at the pool, a campsite, the break room, the pool or on a road trip, the Virtual Summer Study can go with you!

It’s that simple. Invest in yourself this summer!