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ConnectLOCAL groups enable the friendships that begin virtually around the Leading and Loving It community to grow “in real life”. ConnectLOCAL groups connect pastors’ wives and women in leadership face to face through ConnectLOCAL EVENTS and ConnectLOCAL GROUPS.

Our ConnectLOCAL EVENTS and GROUPS are open to pastors’ wives and women in leadership from every church, denomination, and Christian non-profit. ConnectLOCAL provides a safe place for real conversation about the joys and challenges of ministry, as well as developing and sustaining a vital sense of community on a personal level.

ConnectLOCAL EVENTS: ConnectLOCAL EVENTS can be as large or small, and as elaborate or simple as you want them to be. Whether you host 5 or 50, it is our hope that you will be able to find a connection with other women in ministry in your immediate area. ConnectLOCAL EVENTS can be held as frequently as you choose.

ConnectLOCAL GROUPS: ConnectLOCAL GROUPS combine the flexibility of ConnectLOCAL EVENTS with the informality of our ConnectLIVE groups. You can meet up at your local Starbucks, favorite restaurant, or other venue as often (or not) as you choose with those in your community.

Hosting a ConnectLOCAL EVENT or GROUP in your area is simple. Just click on the button below to fill out the ConnectLEADER application: (We do ask that our ConnectLOCAL leaders be currently serving in ministry and have the approval of their lead pastor before beginning a group, if applicable.)

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