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Win It Wednesday … Awake

Posted by Lori Wilhite

While at Retreat, our ladies were incredibly spoiled by some amazing writers, publishers, musicians, and organizations. Spoiled, I tell you.

But, of course, we don’t want anyone to feel left out.

So, today we are starting a new Win It Wednesday series. A couple of Wednesdays each month, you will have the opportunity to win some fabulous SWAG for yourself or a friend. And, if you were at Retreat, you can still play along. I’m certain that you know someone in your ministry who would be very encouraged with these resources!

To kick off the festivities, we’re starting with one of Leading and Loving It’s favorite sponsors, World Help. We are giving away 5 copies Noel Yeatts’ compelling book Awake, as well as The Over Flow – Children of the World International Children’s Choir CD.

To enter:

1. Grab a Kleenex.
2. Watch the video below.
3. Share your thoughts about World Help’s Operation Baby Rescue

It’s that easy. Comments will close at midnight on Saturday. Winners will be contacted by email.
Congratulations Joy Henderson, Angela, Jody, Taylor Baker, and Rebecca Rouse

Operation Baby Rescue from World Help on Vimeo.

School’s Out … Giveaway

And the winners are:

Rewritten will be sent to Kristen Franklin.

And Star Forbis is the winner of the poster from Alexander Creative.

I’ll contact you by email. Congratulations! Have a great summer!


Summon up your best 70’s rocker voice and sing along … School’s out for summer! No more pencils. No more books. …

As a mom, I think I’m as excited about this as my kids. It seems even the late release schools have finally reached summer.

So, we are going to celebrate with a couple of giveaways. Yea!

First, who doesn’t need a little pool-side reading?

Rewritten, by Heather Moore (part of the L&L It community) and her husband Bruce, would be great to read with the sounds of splashing, laughing kids in the background.

Hear what they have to say: “Every pastor and ministry leader is dealing with broken people and every person, no matter how smooth their life looks on the outside, wrestles with internal disappointment, fear and shame. The stories we create for ourselves never deliver on what we thought they would. This book is a road map for helping people discover God’s original design for their lives and how God can use five key life opportunities to rewrite our stories that have gotten stuck or gone sideways.”

Secondly, we’re going to help you with a little summer redecorating.

I have this poster framed in my family room, and I love it. How great is it?! Well, you can have one too! Or you can choose from one of the other posters available at AlexanderCreative. There are several color combinations and styles to choose from.

No matter what you decide to get, I know it will look fantastic in your house!

So, just leave a comment saying what you are most excited to do this summer now that school’s out. We’ll draw one winner for each giveaway at the end of the weekend. So make sure to comment before midnight EST on Sunday. We will notify winners at that time.

Good luck! And have an amazing summer!

And the Grand Prize Goes to …

We are excited to announce the winners of the Mini-Makeover Challenge with Extreme Makeover Home Edition as chosen by our friends at Different Drummer:

Congratulations to Vanessa Brown from New Spring Church in Florence, SC.

Here is Vanessa’s entry. We can’t wait to see pictures!

Mark and Erika Chapman were one of the couples that prayed for us before we even knew that we were being prayed for by name. God placed our family in their hearts as they prayed for a new church in Florence. A few years later, Michael and I moved to Florence to start a campus of NewSpring Church. It has been our privilege and honor to get to know Mark and Erika over the course of these three years. Their heart for knowing God, serving Him and making Him know in evident in how they lead their lives.

Mark has been laid off twice in three years. Not an easy thing ever, especially not during this economy. Both times, their hope and trust in the Lord – so evident. They persevered, walked the road humbly, graciously and eager to learn what God had for them. During this time, Erika’s parents and teenage brother encountered some difficult circumstances themselves. Her dad unable to work due to disability and a job release for her mom. The Chapmans and their three young boys, welcomed them into their home. They will continue to live there indefinitely. Again – gracious, generous, open to what the Lord has for them.

About a year ago, the Chapmans were led to pursue adoption from Uganda – a baby girl, possibly two. The journey is long, uncertain at times, emotional and definitely difficult. They continue to follow and walk obediently in any and every way the Lord leads. Their finances have been stretched due to Mark’s job situation (he has just gotten a new job this month!) and the adoption costs, so they don’t have much extra to set up for their new additions.

As they get closer to getting their little girl(s), we would love to help them out with a nursery and playroom makeover. They will need to do some re-arranging with their boys, moving their youngest one into the playroom so that they can turn his bedroom into a nursery. I see a very cool space for their little man – building a loft of sorts where he can feel super special. A wall dividing the space so that he can have his own private section from the rest of the playroom. Their playroom would now include a kitchen for a sweet, little girl and some girly toys as well. Lots of bookshelves for the boys that love to read and colorful organizational bins to make it fun, practical and easy!

The nursery would be a whimsical land – capturing the  beautiful place where she came from, making her feel loved and right at home. I know this is something the Chapmans have never asked for and would never expect. They are more than satisfied with re-arranging what they already have and making it work. But, what a sweet surprise and blessing this would be to them as they open their arms to a sweet baby girl or two, and expand their already amazing family!

Also congratulations to the top 10 entries who qualify for a special screening of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We loved all of your entries and wish we had thousands of dollars that we could share to get all of these projects done. Different Drummer will be in touch with screening details.

1. Tomekia Williams
Life Church -Women of Life
Jacksonville, FL

2. Tiffany Stewart
Cedar Creek Church
Aiken, SC

3. Deidra Carr
Oklahoma City, OK

4. Diana Riggs
Washington Township Baptist Church
Zanesville, OH

5. Laura Frost
The Dialogue Church
Manchester, NH

6. Laura Balch
The Crossing a Christian Church
Las Vegas, NV

7. Christy Dewar
Ekklesia Church
Canton, OH

8. Renee Sullivan
Church by the Glades
Coral Springs, FL

9. Heather Paprstein
Southside Christian Church
Munster, IN

10. Christy Leake
FBC Crawfordsville
Crawfordsville, AZ

Make sure to watch a new inspiring season of Extreme Makeover Home Edition starting September 25th.

The Mini-Makeover Challenge …

Oh my … we have the most exciting news.

Do you have people in your church that you want to help?

Is there a family in your community that you’d love to bless?

Would you enjoy seizing the opportunity to meet the needs of someone you care about? Maybe someone far from the Lord?

If you had a little extra money, would you use it to make a difference in their homes and lives?

If so, then this is an amazing opportunity!

We are teaming up with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to bring you the Mini Makeover Challenge.

Here is the challenge:

1. Think of a family in your church or in your community that could use the encouragement and blessing of a $2500 mini-makeover in their home or yard.

2. Submit your idea and a brief profile of the family (500 words or less) to by Monday, September 19, 2011 noon PST. (The winner will be chosen by the Leading and Loving It Team as well as our friends at Different Drummer.)

3. Make sure to like us on Facebook by clicking here.

4. The Grand Prize Winner will receive the $2500 to implement their idea for the family in need. The top 10 ideas will win the opportunity to host special screenings of  Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with their church, youth group, volunteers, etc. You can see the complete list of rules and regulations by clicking here.

5. Help us get the word out to other Pastors, Pastors’ Wives, and Women in Ministry/Non-Profits by tweeting, updating your FB status, blogging, and emailing the PDF above. Let’s find a wonderfully deserving family and partner with a local church to really bless them!

6. And of course don’t forget to watch the season premiere of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on September 25th. I’m sure you’ll need a box of kleenex handy!

So, we’d love to hear what you think. And please leave us a link to any blog posts, fb posts, etc that you share!

And the Narnia Winners Are …

This time I went old-school, and drew these 10 winners out of my Las Vegas sequin Santa hat. Very old-school, huh?

Congratulations ladies. You’ll be getting an email from me.

If you didn’t win, I hope that you’ll pick up Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and that your kids enjoy it as much as mine did.