Protect Yourself

Written by Linda Seidler Overwhelmed, exhausted and defeated? Or refreshed, energized and empowered? Do any of these resonate with you today? They have with me. About 10 years ago, I was at a place in ministry where I could physically, mentally and spiritually feel the overbearing weight of the first three words above. I was […]

Budget Yourself

Written by Cindy Beall I can make a mean spreadsheet. In fact, it’s one of my spiritual gifts. Not only does it look pretty with all sorts of colors and shading, but the formulas I insert into each cell are, well, let’s just say accountants envy me. I love to discuss finances and insert said […]

Manage Yourself

 Written by Tammy Sabourin “Mrs. Sabourin, can you please come pick up your daughter? As recorded on the school calendar, we have an early dismissal this afternoon for students.” The voice on the other end of my cell phone caused me to sit straight up in my office seat. Oh no! There was only a […]

Feed Yourself

Written by Mardia Lira I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment. Actually, I couldn’t get close to God unless it was through a priest who would tell me how many times I needed to repeat the Lord’s prayer so my sins could be forgiven. I never owned my own Bible because the church said […]

Move Yourself

Written by Heather Palacios According to the Center for Disease Control, a research study in 2014 concluded that across all races and ethnicities, the number one cause of death for American females is heart disease. Also according to the CDC, one of the top four ways to prevent heart disease is to stay active!  That […]