Lead Strong – Part 3

Way to go on finishing parts 1 and 2 of our Lead Strong series! That’s amazing! Take the weekend off and begin the final part with us on Monday, August 1st. Here is the link:

Leaders Are Wise

Written by Kimberly Scott January 1st is the day each year that I join the masses in a desperate attempt to get my curvy, menopausal “temple” in shape. The problem is that I don’t love exercising, and I’d rather chat than exercise. So, I discovered that talking on my phone while walking was a great […]

Leaders Are Tested

Written by Linda Seidler When I was in college, my least favorite words to hear from my professor was, “You’ll be having a test next week!” Yet, each semester, whether I liked it or not, I was required to take a test many times. And every time I heard those words, I cringed. I knew […]

Leaders Are Made New

Written by Cindy Beall Jacob was something alright. He swiped the birthright and blessing from his older brother. Yes, his mother, Rebekah, participated in the scheming, but Jacob knew what he was doing. Soon after, Jacob fled so that his brother would not kill him. Later on in the Jacob and Esau story, there was […]

Leaders Are Committed

Written by Janet Findley Let’s be honest. There are tough times in our lives as leaders when we really struggle with commitment.  Someone says something negative to us or about us. Our best plan falls apart. We are up against a deadline and we’re stressed because it feels like we’ll never meet it. We feel […]