How To: Love The Broken

Written by Lori Wilhite A few years ago my husband was strolling with a friend at Caesar’s Palace. While they walked under the painted skies chatting, something crazy happened out of nowhere. Mid-sentence, mid-word, our friend threw up. Barfed. Upchucked. Right there on the floor of the Forum Shops. In shock at what had just happened, […]

How To: Love The Ungrateful

Written by Evelyn Kay I love my kids.  Really, I do.  I thank God for choosing me to be their mom. However, there are some days, like grocery shopping day, when they make me question whether or not God paired them up with the right mom.  Grocery shopping days are not my favorite days because […]

How To: Love The Know-It-All

Written by Stephanie Shouse The other day, I took my teenager to the doctor to figure out how to deal with some problems she was having. As the doctor asked her questions about school and her friends, he came to the conclusion that some of the issues were stemming from the fact that she is […]

How To: Love The EGRs

Written by Cindy Beall I started to dread going to church. Gosh, I hate admitting that, but it is so very true. It wasn’t because my church was boring. Or that the worship was lame. Or that the message was uninspiring. Or that our staff wasn’t top notch. None of that was the case. No, […]

Word Up.

New Year’s Resolutions. We resolve to do something new, quit something bad or consider a change. We make them every year. Sometimes we keep them, sometimes we don’t. This annual custom has been around longer than you and I might think. According to Webster, New Year’s resolutions have been around since 1671. A Scottish writer named […]