Leaders Are Made New

Written by Cindy Beall Jacob was something alright. He swiped the birthright and blessing from his older brother. Yes, his mother, Rebekah, participated in the scheming, but Jacob knew what he was doing. Soon after, Jacob fled so that his brother would not kill him. Later on in the Jacob and Esau story, there was […]

Leaders Are Committed

Written by Janet Findley Let’s be honest. There are tough times in our lives as leaders when we really struggle with commitment.  Someone says something negative to us or about us. Our best plan falls apart. We are up against a deadline and we’re stressed because it feels like we’ll never meet it. We feel […]

Leaders Take Risks

Written by Evelyn Kay “Nope. I can’t do that.” “I’m not qualified.” “My husband is the pastor, not me.” “I thought he was going to become a lawyer, but now we’re serving in full-time ministry.” These were my typical responses in the early years of ministry. I wasn’t really sure that I was leadership material, yet […]

Leaders Elevate Jesus

Written by Cindy Beall From the moment of his conception, John the Baptist was special. Even though he had drawn quite a following as he preached about turning to God and then baptized those who repented, he knew his role. His purpose on this earth was to prepare the way for the Messiah. He cared […]

Leaders Are Patient

Written by Linda Seidler Saul was panicked and anxious as he waited at Gilgal. He focused on the chaos surrounding him and lost sight of the God who was leading him. Hastily, Saul took things into his own hands and made a choice to move ahead. God was not pleased, and Saul lost his position. […]