Because of I AM, We Are NOTICED

Written by Stephanie Shouse For years I’ve struggled between the issues of feeling unnoticed and feeling too noticed… know what I mean? “Pastor’s wife” is a position that gets a lot of personal attention: people notice what you wear to church, what you say on social media, what you do during the worship service. This […]

Because of I AM, We Are FULFILLED

Written by Jenni Clayville On July 8th, I received a phone call that my father didn’t feel well and they were going to the emergency room to get it checked out. The follow-up phone call informed us it was pancreatic cancer My family went into hyper-mode. Between July and September, I traveled between El Paso, […]

Because of I AM, We Are Chosen

Written by Lori Wilhite There are a few sayings that can flat-out send chills down my spine. They are that terrifying. Firstly: Mom, can you clip my toenails? … Um. No. Feet. Disgusting. Go get your dad. Next: I invited people over, and they’ll be here in 15 minutes. … Seriously?! Disaster zone. Quick, throw […]

Because of I AM, We Are FILLED.

Written by Liz Sarno Have you ever been at a place in your ministry life where you stop one day and realize that you’ve been so busy serving that you haven’t bothered to get filled up in a while? That you’ve fallen into the trap of just doing ministry and in the process of pouring […]

Word Up.

New Year’s Resolutions. We resolve to do something new, quit something bad or consider a change. We make them every year. Sometimes we keep them, sometimes we don’t. This annual custom has been around longer than you and I might think. According to Webster, New Year’s resolutions have been around since 1671. A Scottish writer named […]