Lead Strong – Part 2

Congratulations on finishing part 1 of our Lead Strong series! You are a rock star! Take the weekend off and begin part 2 with us on Monday, June 27th! Here is the link:

Leaders Are Loyal

By Trisha Davis There are so many rich and yet sad lessons to be gleaned from this text. A son betraying a father, a father running from a son. A story of generational sin and betrayal that not only affected a family but a whole nation. I’m going to gather that you’ve had a moment […]

Leaders Are Brave

By Jackie Brewster When I think about bravery, I think about my seven-year-old little girl undergoing four surgeries over the past several years trying to correct her clubbed feet that she was born with. When I think about bravery in leadership, I think about vulnerability. Allowing others into our lives and sharing our stories. The […]

Leaders Walk With God

When I was in 4th grade, I attended a church fellowship meeting in another town with my parents, who were pastors. We arrived early, and I was thrilled to find a playground onsite. I met a sweet, blonde girl at the swings about my age and we immediately struck up a conversation. We soon found that we had many common interests: Cabbage Patch dolls, sticker collections, Michael Jackson. (I’m dating myself here.) We shared some laughs, swinging away as a friendship budded.

Leaders Are Encouragers

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By Stephanie Shouse Have you ever felt like you were not good enough to do what God was calling you to do? Stepping out to face a challenge often brings out our old fears and insecurities. We worry, we fret, and we hold back because of fear. That’s when we need an encourager. An encourager […]