Re:treat Week Is Here!

Our team looks forward to this week ALL YEAR LONG.  No Joke! So, we are taking the week off from blogging to focus on this amazing event. We will be back next week and there will be two giveaways!  I know! Also, if you were not able to make it to re:treat this year in […]

Leadership 201 Video Blog: Chris & Cindy Beall

We finish off this video series with Chris & Cindy Beall. Cindy is the Director of Equip for Leading and Loving It and has been on the team for over five years. Chris and Cindy have been a part of Life.Church for nearly 15 years and have watched it grow from one campus to 25 […]

Leadership 201 Video Blog: Justin & Trisha Davis

Day 5 will be an incredibly helpful video for all of us, but especially church planters. Trisha serves on the Leading and Loving It team and has for over five years. She and her husband, Justin, have just planted their second church in Indianapolis. That’s right! Their second church plant! Grab a beverage and listen […]

Leadership 201 Video Blog: Herbert & Tiffany Cooper

Today is day 4 of our series. Longtime friend of Leading and Loving It, Tiffany Cooper, is joined with her wonderful husband, Herbert. They will be discussing diversity within the church. Such great insight, counsel and suggestions from them.  L&LI 2016 Leadership Blog Series – Herbert & Tiffany Cooper from Leading and Loving It on […]

Leadership 201 Video Blog: Raul & Heather Palacios

Today is our 3rd video in this series. You will love hearing from Heather and Raul. Heather is the Director of Social Media for Leading and Loving It. And she’s so much fun. Make sure your husband is watching with you because this video is about a healthy staff culture. L&LI Leadership 201 Blog Series […]